Cambridge, Oxford and SBU Bibles

I would like to show you the old Bibles from my shelves. Only a brief commentary on each one. Enjoy it.

These are all together

old times

  1. Spanish Bible printed by United Bible Society at Billing and sons Ltd press, Guilford. Black pebbly leather. References. Colorful maps. Printed in Great Britain. 1950. DSC_1215DSC_1217DSC_1216

  2. English Bible printed for the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Brown leather. Marginal references. 1898. DSC_1219DSC_1220DSC_1221

  3. Scofield Reference Bible. Black pebbly leather. Full yapp. Oxford University Press. 1917. scofieldDSC_1223DSC_1224DSC_1225DSC_1226

  4. Cambridge Bible. No date. Black leather. DSC_1227DSC_1228DSC_1229

  5. Spanish Bible printed by José Cruzado, Madrid, for the British and Foreign Bible Society. 1873. Leather hardback. DSC_1230DSC_1231DSC_1232DSC_1234

  6. Oxford Bible. Black leather. 1869. Printed at the OUP for the British and Foreign Bible Society. Full yapp.DSC_1236DSC_1235DSC_1237DSC_1239DSC_1238_FotorDSC_1240

  7. Spanish Bible. Cloth hardback. 1936. Printed  for the British and Foreign Bible Society. Central references. DSC_1241DSC_1242DSC_1243DSC_1244

  8. British and Foreign Bible Society Bible. Cloth hardback. No date. DSC_1245DSC_1246DSC_1247

  9. New Testament and Psalms. 1922, Black pebbly leather. British and Foreign Bible Society.DSC_1250DSC_1252

  10. Oxford Bible. No date. 7,5 cm x 14 cm. Red under gold edges. Black pebbly leather.DSC_1248DSC_1249

  11. Oxford Bible. No date. Ruby 32mo. India Paper.Red under gold edges. 9,8 cm x 15 cm. Black leather. DSC_1255DSC_1256DSC_1257DSC_1258

  12.  New Testament and Psalms. No date. ca 1958. Black leather. Colorful pictures. 8,5 cm x 12,7 cm. United Bible Society.DSC_1253DSC_1254

  13. Even it is not a Bible, I have included a Common Prayer and Hymns book printed by Oxford University Press. Ruby 32mo. Red leather. 7,65 cm x 11,6 cm. Probably 1867.