The Lockman Foundation

Updated New American Standard Bible

Our first post in English is consecrated to this wonderful black calfskin Bible brought to us by The Lockman Foundation. It was gifted to all the attendees at the 2003 Shepherd’s Conference at Grace Community Church. Thanks to my father-in-law for the present!

From the first time you hold the Bible in your hand, you can feel the smoothness of the calfskin. 

I guess the binding is from Abba company in Mexico, which is who normally binds for Crossway and other publishers. The quality is excellent with a spectacular completion of Bibles, typical of this company.
Something striking is the cover also leather-bound to keep a skin flap too, which gives firmness to the bookbinding.

Spine nerves are authentic, giving the appearance of superior quality.
The skin has seared an outline around the entire back cover and front.

As for stitching sheets, it is a Smythe sewn binding type:  hand stitched booklets. This kind of binding gives durability to the Bible.

As to the NASB, LBLA sister, the team of The Lockman Foundation version has made a reliable and useful translation for the students of Scripture. You can visit for more information on this translation.


This is a Bible of excellent quality, with text divided into two parts separated by a small central column for references. The division of the text is a verse by verse style. The text size is 10 points, suitable for intensive reading.

The maps are enough for a conventional Bible; and concordance is also quite complete. Opaque paper also helps make the reading easier.

It is impossible not to highlight the virtues of a Bible like this.Congratulations!

You can find it at



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