Biblical Leadership

Being this a book about biblical leadership, you can wait a thorough analysis of texts in key passages, but this is not the case: you will find the progress of the concept of “leadership” along the history and along the biblical history. It is an exegetical (and not eisegetical) study of the term in almost every book of the Scripture.

When studying a concept and when you want to find the application of it to the human realm it is easy to write a theory, but difficult to bring it to reality. And again, this is not the case. The focus is from the Scripture to life and offering resources and ways of applying the Word to our task as leaders.

The authors divide the book in two main sections: Old Testament and New Testament, and developed in thirty-three chapters. Every chapter is full of biblical text and words analysis, rooting every idea and thesis in the very Scriptures.

It is a must-have book in every pastor’s bookshelf, worthy to be studied in seminaries and considered in every pastors board. Also every leader will find a useful tool to study which is his/her role as such.

Abundant notes, graphics, word studies, easy-to-follow arguments and bibliography make of this book a unique tool for lay pastors, students and teachers who can adopt it as textbook for their classes.

Some topics you will find on it: the leader as servant, the leader as shepherd, the leader as a dependent man, the leader as model, as a vulnerable person, as a conflict mediator, as an example to others in the Christian community, as a loving and mature person, as a disciple and also a man who makes disciples. A great number of topics to be studied and applied, an opportunity to change and being changed as leaders.

Thanks to Benjamin Forrest and Cher Roden for such a book.

This book has been sent to me free of charge by Kregel Publications in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.biblical leadership.jpg

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