Crossway ESV Reader’s Bible: The Apotheosis

I could not imagine how Bible formatting and design could influence in such a way in my personal reading. I read Paauw’s book, Saving the Bible from ourselves (IVP) with enthusiasm and receive its conclusions with great expectation, a book that arose in me a sense of doing something in Spanish Bible editions. It seems there is something of paramount importance: Bibles are not a reference work, but a Work to be read as the Word of God and as a masterpiece of universal literature.

Crossway has become the standard in Reader’s Bible edition for years. Just take a look to Bible Design Blog and read what experts say about Crossway’s designs. In spite of the great number of literature advocating for the importance of design, typography, and the need of recovering a reader-friendly edition, Spanish Bible editors do not enter this field for some reasons I will not discuss here.

Let me point out this: Crossway’s ESV Reader’s Bible meets the standards of what a Reader-Friendly Bible edition must be.



Opening the slip case, you  find a beautiful black top grain leather cover with a smooth touch. Four raised bands in the spine offers durability to this binding; golden titles and stamps give personality to this volume.



Together with non-distracting elements- which I call artifacts- cream tinted paper and normal opacity offer a unique opportunity to enjoy Bible reading on a daily basis.



You will not find numbers or verse divisions in this edition, distracting elements that will interrupt your narrative reading. There are some layout criteria that make a readable design: 9 points clear typography, although bold enough; single paragraph; black and dark red typography; centered OT quotes in the NT; verse division in OT poetry; enough margin space  to set the text free; ribbons; maps… details that make this Bible an enjoyable Book.




I congratulate seeing how English readers can buy and own such editions, Spanish ones don’t have these opportunities, although some publishers are working hard providing beautiful leather editions for Spanish readers. Now the challenge is publishing a reader-friendly edition, following the patterns Crossway has standarized.

You can buy here (Crossway) and here (Amazon) and here (CBD).

Thanks Crossway for sending this Bible free of charge for a honest review.

PS: Crossway editors, please consider Spanish Bible lovers… the first Spanish Reader’s Bible! 🙂



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