Newberry Reference Bible Pocket Edition

This is one of these special Bibles you will like have it and use it. Let me show you some features that make this edition a Bible worthy to have and enjoy.

DSC_0684Thomas Newberry’s marginal notes.

Formerly known as The Englishman’s Study Bible, this Bible was annotated by Thomas Newberry, who , according to F. F. Bruce,

belonged to the open wing of the Brethren movement… he exercised a long and fruitful expository ministry, both oral and written. He was a careful student of the Bible in Hebrew and Greek.  It was after twenty-five years devoted to such study that he conceived the plan of putting its fruits at the disposal of his fellow-Christians in The Newberry Study Bible […]Newberry had no axe to grind. He was a careful and completely unpretentious student of Hebrew and Greek texts, whose one aim was to make the fruit of his study available as far as possible to Bible students whose only language was English. His procedure tended to make the Biblical text self-explanatory as far as possible; he had no thought of imposing on it an interpretive scheme of his own.”


These notes are written using special signs to indicate features in Hebrew and Greek which cannot be shown in typical English: articles, numbers, emphatic pronouns, tenses, prepositions… Even a very clarifying picture will show the meaning of Greek prepositions as never before.



You will find some signs as – = to indicate if the word is singular or dual, even three lines to indicate plural.

Those low hyphens you can see in the text are to indicate that the word in the original language is only one. Words in cursive are to indicate that were not present in original languages, but they are necessary in English. Large CAPITALS are the leading words of the paragraph or OT references. It is also full of cross-references and notes, not as the usual annotated Bible editions, but as helpful tools to study the Bible by oneself, not following the explanations of a teacher.

“As the result of a careful examination of the entire Scriptures in the originals, noticing and marking where necessary every variation of tense, preposition, and the signification of words, the impression left upon my mind is this: not the difficulty of believing the entire inspiration of the Bible, but the impossibility of doubting it….The godliness of the translators, their reverence, the superiority of their scholarship, and the manifest assistance and control afforded to them by the Holy Spirit in their work, is such that the ordinary reader can rely upon the whole as the Word of God.” – Thomas Newberry


Thinking this wonderful work was done in the XIXth century it is a treasure to hide in our hearts. As John Bjorle has stated:

Along with the specially marked text, concise explanations of important Hebrew and Greek words and their grammar are given in supplementary pages, helpful in their own right for accurate interpretation. Textual criticism of New Testament manuscripts is also provided with an assessment of their relative values, and alternative readings are given as footnotes throughout the New Testament. Mr Newberry’s academic ability in learning, understanding, and then communicating all these aspects of language is truly remarkable, as is his inventiveness in creating appropriate tiny symbols to convey extra information, and to get these accurately into print. But no less remarkable is his evident devotion to the God of the Word.

John Ritchie LTD has done an exquisite handmade leather bounded Bible in a pocket size edition. If you are one of those who, like me, enjoy reading and studying the Bible, this is a must-to-have edition. This is a re-printing with a limited number of printings, so maybe you are one of the privileged person having it!

The main features of this edition are Black Calf skin leather binding, with glided gold edges, Smyth sewn binding, Bible study maps in color, all in a 200mm*135mm volume. It is also based on the text of the Authorized English Version.

Maybe you want to navigate and have more information about Thomas Newberry and take a look at John Ritchie’s products.

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