Visual Theology

Who said Theology is a boring thing? Publishers are in the business of printing huge volumes on Theology with seminary students, researchers and scholars in mind. But what about those thousands of young people who  will never attend a Christian Seminary and want to study the Bible with accuracy? It’s true we live in a visual culture. It’s also true a picture speaks a thousand words. Tim Challies and Josh Byers are aware of it and this is the result: Visual Theology. Pictures, infographies, graphics… everything helps to understand those concepts reserved to scholars. 

This is not the case for theoretical theology, but for practical one. Four sections, ten chapters: 

Section One: Grow close to Christ or cultivating a relationship with Christ. Gospel, Identity and Relationship.

Section Two: Understand the work of Christ or the contents of Christian faith: Drama and Doctrine.

Section Three: Become like Christ or conforming to the image of Christ: putting off, putting on. 

Section Four: Live for Christ or bringing Him glory: vocation, relationships and stewardship.

Every chapter and section are supported on the Bible. This may seem obvious, but the number of literature devoted to “evangelical self-help” or “think it, believe it and then have it” is sadly growing. 

The clean layout and typeset makes this book easy to read, provoking you to take notes, underline or mark. Even the couche paper invites you to do that and make the book your book. 

Congratulations to Tim Challies and Josh Byers for this amazing book that brings theology to a colorful realm. With books like this, people will love study… college and university students are used to study like that, aren’t they?

You can find more information and resources here

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