The perfect Journal

I love writing. I also love Bibles. And I love Jot Bible as it is the perfect combination of Bible and room for writing notes. I’m in the habit of taking notes when reading the Bible or hearing a preacher and I’m sure this JOT Bible will help me keeping my notes in order.

You can buy a journal and taking notes. Or simply you can take notes on your own Bible… but doing it in a 45 GSM acid free and highly opaque paper is another thing.  It is a thrilling experience having a handwritten Bible journal full of notes, thoughts, blessings… and leaving them as a legacy to your children. And the editor of Jot Bible Life-Notes has found the way of gathering quality, personality and spirituality in a sole book.




Of course, this is not a Journaling Bible or a wide margin Bible, even it looks like as a high-quality one. Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. Genuine leather cover.
  2. Smyth-sewn binding.
  3. Three satin color ribbons.
  4. 45 GSM opaque paper.
  5. Flat opening.
  6. Gold gilt pages.
  7. Five spine hubs.
  8. Perimeter sewn edging.





As you can see, there are blank (or lined) pages giving room for taking your own notes, which means this is the perfect companion to your favorite Bible. Bring it with you to your pulpit or to your Bible study, or use it at home as a note-taking book. Each book of the Bible is divided into chapters and verses (two lines per verse).



My recommendation is using pencil in a first step, just in case you need to erase a line or a word. Later on you can use a pigment pen to imprint permanently your thoughts.


You see it is a hefty volume (10.50 x 7.50 x 2.25 in), but taking in consideration paper and room to take notes, it has a perfect size. There are also four extra pages at the end of each book, giving the opportunity of writing extra notes.


Good news!

And now… good news for all: Seasonal sale! Regular price is $60.00, but now you can buy 2 for $60.00 and free shipping in the United States. Or buy 1 for $39.95.

This is for sure the perfect gift for Christmas. Buy one for you and one for a friend or relative.

Please, visit for more information, what others say about JOT Bible Life-Notes and buy one.

I have not been requested to give a positive review. It is my honest opinion about it.

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