Exalting Jesus in Song of Songs (Holman Reference)

Approaching and interpreting the book of Song of Songs is for brave preachers, who want to seek a biblical ground for Christian lovers. A well-balanced love comprises romanticism, erotism and Christian piety. Daniel Akin searches for these three in his book.

Another point is interpreting the book rightly, using hermeneutics tools at our hand in order not to destroy the message of the book. Some schools of interpretation see an allegory and typology along the book; other schools point the erotic content of the book; and others see the romantic love flowing from the book itself. Which is Daniel Akin’s approach?

Well, it is not easy to say in one word and in one post in a brief review. He is a well-documented interpreter, following a Christ-centered interpretation and guiding us together with him in the search of the text meaning. But to what extent can be the Christ-centered interpretation accurate with some Bible passages? At a first sight one may suppose he will allegorize the text, but when you study the book you realize the main point is searching the natural interpretation of hebrew poetry and then search in every unit of thought a Christ-centered application. And this approach is respectful and faithful to the Bible text. So, he doesn’t follow the allegoric-typological school. As David Peterson states regarding the Christian application:

 “First we must ask how the text applies to the person and work of Christ. Then we can begin to see how it applies to Christians through Christ or because of Christ” (Christ and His People in the Book of Isaiah, 16)

He follows a six-fold structure:

  1.  Main Idea (following Merida’s idea M.I.T.)
  2. Outline
  3. Exposition
  4. Practical applications
  5. How does this text exalt Christ?
  6. Reflect and discuss

This pattern makes easy to study the book, helping the student to know what is he studying in every moment. So it is useful for seminary students or home students.

As regard the style, it is an easy-to-read book, with abundant illustrations, anecdotes and quotes which give freshness to the verse-by verse commentary.

In brief, what is really inspirational in this book is a well-balanced exposition which comprises sound hermeneutics and guides to a sound application. The fluency and accuracy of his thoughts makes this book a must-have in every Bible student’s desk.

More information at http://www.bhpublishinggroup.com/category/books/academic/

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